Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sometimes you want what you want

I have made a real effort since I started couponing to use what I have on hand and cut back severely on the dining out.  Unfortunately, sometimes you just want what you want.  Trust me, I went to the grocery store on my way home to pick up bread (we're out) and blackberries (on sale).  Unfortunately, I forgot to set something out for dinner tonight and nothing I had on hand sounded good.  What did sound good were Steak-Um steak sandwiches and tater tots (for the kids, of course.)  Now when I came up with this brilliant plan, dead on my feet and hungry, I could have swore that the Steak-Ums used to come in a box of 6 servings for about $4-$5.  No longer; now it's the 16 serving box for $10.99!   Yeah, I bought it.  And I also bought rolls for $2.99 and tater tots for $2.07.  Not what I would call a great shopping trip but I really don't care.   It was still cheaper than going out and I refuse to deny myself or my family for the sake of a coupon.  Yes, I'm still going to save money every chance I get but I don't want my family to feel like we can't get something unless it's on sale.  So most nights, we'll eat what we have in the stockpile and freezer.  But, on the nights we're craving something different, we'll satisfy the craving (on the cheap, of course).

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