Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The "Is she serious?!?!?" Look

If you have been couponing for any amount of time, you know what look I'm talking about.  If you're getting started, you will get to know this look.  This is the look the cashier gives you after she tells you you've saved $80 and the new total is $40 and you argue that it should be $37 not $40.  My husband loves this look and has to walk away to keep from laughing.  I get that most people would be thrilled to save 66% off their grocery bill, I think it's pretty darn good myself.  The problem is I gave you $83 in coupons not $80.  Lord knows, the store will turn them all in and get reimbursed for the $83 so why shouldn't I want that $3 difference!  My advice to all of you, keep a running total of your bill.  It is a lot easier to correct the error before paying than trying to prove your case to Customer Service later.  You may decide the $3 isn't worth the hassle and that's okay.  If I have a cashier that is usually great and never misses a coupon or argues with me, I don't bring up the one $1 off coupon she missed.  At that point, my rapport with her is worth more to me than a dollar.  Good cashiers are hard to find.  If you find one you like, keep track of them.  Try and find out their schedule (in a non-stalking way), let the manager know how wonderful they are, and fill out one of those mail-in comment cards if available.  This is a really nice touch because these go straight to corporate headquarters.  Make sure these people keep their jobs and keep ringing you up.

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